Mastars Production Technologies Offered:
(1) Injection Mould Tooling (Up to 10000Kgs in weight) / Injection Moulding on a range of 60 machines from 60T to 650T stamping.
(2) Pressure Die Casting Tooling and Casting on machines (Up to 800T Clamping).
(3) Plastic / Metal Extrusion.
(4) Metal Injection Moulding.
(5) CNC Machining.
(6) Painting.
(7) Press Tooling & Parts.
(8) Chrome Plating / Vacuum Metalizing.
(9) 3D Printing.

Mastars Prototyping Technologies Offered:

(1) SLA / SLS
(2) Vacuum Casting.
(3) CNC Machining on a wide range of polymers and metals.
(4) Laser Cutting. 
Rapid CNC Machining
Vacuum Casting
Sheet Metal Prototyping
3D Printing
Prototype Tooling
Finishing Service
Design Engineering


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Mastars are very strong in Technology / Services / Quality. We not only help you to customize the mould and manufacture final product but also can provide you the full set of technological resolutions and one-stop OEM engineering & manufacturing services. 
Injection Mould Tooling
Injection molding
Plastic Extrusion
Pressure Die Casting
Aluminum Extrusion
Metal CNC machining
Metal Stamping
MIM (Metal Injection Moulding)



In line with our corporate philosophy customers benefit from our unique blend of quality, reasonable cost, integrated services and flexibility.
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    The Basic Introduction of CNC Machining

    CNC means Computer Numberic Controlling. It is a widely used industrial processing method. Generally speaking most of solid materials can be deep processed by CNC. We can see 2 basic types of materials used in CNC machining : Plastic and Metal. As for Metal materials, there are 3 major kinds : Stai

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    Mastars - professional supplier in the industrial manufacturing

    We are a professional supplier in the industrial manufacturing field for over 20 years since foundation in 1998. Automotive Part / Medical Device / Household Appliance / LED Item / Aerospace and Industrial Equipment are the five major application fields for our services. Now our annual sales revenue

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    5 Reasons Why plastic injection moulding is So Effective

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    If you have a specific product that requires a custom mold, will you have the following troubles like most people? Custom mold makers in this statement, this is a misunderstanding!1, custom mold makers are always more expensiveEven in the initial cost, this is not necessarily the case. If you think

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    What are the characteristics of CNC turning machining?

    CNC turning machining is one of the most widely used CNC processes. CNC lathes are mainly used for machining rotary parts such as shafts and discs. Through the operation of the CNC machining program, the cutting process of the inner and outer cylindrical surface, the conical surface, the forming sur

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    How to choose between CNC and 3D printing

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    Al extrusion process basic introduction

    For those unaccustomed the al extrusion method, the instance below could be a fun thanks to show however the method works. The extrusion method is analogous to the current PlayDoh® press therein the malleable dough is forced through the press and flows through the gap fitted with a specific die form

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    11 questions to help you find the best mold production partner

    When you’re preparing to start the injection molding method, the primary selection you make and one among the foremost crucial decisions is that plastic mold production partner you’ll choose.

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