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  • Jun
    Characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of vacuum aluminum alloy die casting

    Recently, vacuum aluminum alloy die-casting mainly relies on the gas in the cavity, and there are mainly two forms:(1) pumping directly from the mold;(2) Place the mold in the vacuum box to pump air. When vacuum aluminum alloy die casting is used, the design of the exhaust position and exhaust area

  • Jun
    Why 3D printing technology has not been universally applied

    With the development of technology, 3D printing technology has become the biggest topic of discussion. Some people may say that 3D printing technology is still not mature. Others say that 3D printing products have been used in our lives. For a time, people's views on 3D printing technology are becom

  • May
    Methods of 3D Metal Printing technology

    3D Metal Printing technology has been well known in recent years, but 3D Metal Printing technology has been developed for many years, then what is 3D Metal Printing technology? What is SLM, EBM, LMD, MAP?

  • May
    What Is fast Prototyping?

    ‍What Is fast Prototyping?In the simplest of terms, fast prototyping is that the speedy creation of models that ar visually and/or functionally evaluated throughout the merchandise development method. fast prototyping is also continual varied times as a style is formed.Although the terms “3D printin

  • Apr
    Injection Mold Specification

    1, Injection mold appearance and dimension1, The text in mark plate should be completed, clearly, tidily.2, Mark plate should fix in a location which near by the stand off and datum area, request to be fixable, not easy to take off.3, Unless customer specification, cooling connectors should use plas

  • Jan
    About medical device surface coating materials

    “From a market surveillance perspective, we have found that Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are under greater pressure than before.” Michael Venturini, President and CEO of DOT Coatings USA, said: “We saw the proof. Demand is getting higher and higher, for OEM companies, they not only need to provide sh

  • Jan
    What are the advantages of 3D printing technology in mold manufacturing?

    There are many advantages to making a mold with 3D printing:Design-led processing, more flexible designOptimized cooling/heating waterways: the hottest and most critical part of the insertSignificantly improved production efficiency, reduced injection cycle and improved production yieldThrough bette

  • Jan
    Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) 3D Printing Technology Knowledge - Deposition Powder

    Although we are very much in favor of wire printing, for some applications, powder is still more suitable:When adding materials to highly irregular surfaces, powder may be a better choice if accurate nozzle-to-part distances may not be obtained when applying or repairing certain parts.While many all

  • Jan
    Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) 3D Printing Technology Knowledge - Wire Print Resolution

    Even with wire, the Additec deposition system has a very good print resolution. In fact, depending on the process parameters, even the best powder print quality can be matched to the wire. When printing at high resolution, the track width is approximately 1.5 times the wire diameter, or when printin

  • Jan
    Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) 3D Printing Technology Application

    Laser metal deposition is suitable for a variety of applications:Near net shape manufacturingUse this process to accumulate complex parts from scratch. Also known as metal 3D printing or free form manufacturing. This way of producing parts provides a high level of design freedom and eliminates compl

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