The Basic Introduction of CNC Machining

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CNCmeans Computer Numberic Controlling. It is a widely used industrial processing method. Generally speaking most of solid materials can be deep processed by CNC. 

We can see 2 basic types of materials used in CNC machining : Plastic and Metal.


As for Metal materials, there are 3 major kinds : Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Special Alloy. 304 and 316L are the most often used SS materials. Of course there are also many other SS materials such as 304L/304H, 316/316H, 904, 201, A193-B8, 303, Duplex SS etc. But compared to it, Carbon Steel has more types. The most often used Alloy is the Brass, some kind of Zinc and Copper Compound. There are also some other kinds of Special Alloys. For Example the Li-Ti Alloy  is widely used in the Aviation Industries. It can be used as the main materials of wings for Jet Fighter like Raptor F-22, J-20, F-35, Su-57. Plastic materials are much more interesting. Because there are so many kinds of plastic polymers in the world. It can be divided into 2 kinds : Soft Plastic and Hard Plastic. Soft Plastic doesn't mean the hardness. It means it can be retrived and 2nd used after melted. To the contrast, the hard plastic can not do that way. PP/PE/PVC/PC/ABS/PA/EDPM/PEEK etc all belongs to the soft plastic. Epoxy Resin/PU ect belongs to the hard plastic. The PPR pipe is used in your house inside decoration. PP is used to manufacture the plastic bottles, toys or other daily used products. EDPM is often used as the sealing materials. Peek is often used as the stuffing materials in industrial valves. ABS can be used as the interior automotive part. Compare to soft plastic, hard plastic doesn't has so many industrial applications. For example the epoxy resin can be used as the outside protective layer on CNG-2 cylinders which used in the Natural gas vehicle. It is very obvious that soft plastic is more widely used in human industries and normal life.


Except the wide material application range, CNC can achieve many flexible processing purposes. You only need to input the program in computer system then the machine will manufacture the part automatically as your will. High machining precision is the biggest strong point for CNC equipment. So far as we know the highest precision for CNC machine can reach the aviation level 0.0001mm. Many complicated structure can be processed by CNC machine. CNC also can decrease your processing cost especially under a small quantity and big hardness materials. For example the stainless steel only suitable for CNC. If you want to manufacture the plastic Cup lid by CNC in 10000PCS quantity, your cost will rocket soar, plastic injection tooling is more suitable.


In Mastars Industries we can reach the precision of 0.001mm=1um. That is good enough for 99.99% customers. Because most regular industrial parts can be produced by us within this precision scope.


If you need Mastars to customize or manufacture the components you wanted, please provide us the 2D or 3D drawings, then we can start the engineering analysis and quotation then proceed mass production for you.


Good Quality / Competitive Quotation / Fast Delivery can reinforce your market competition. High-end CNC machining equipment and high-end technician as well as the most strict quality inspection process determine the excellent products.


Choose Mastars Industries, we will be your best supplier. Let us hand in hand to engineer the future together !


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