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Rapid CNC Machining

We utilise the latest software programmes, sophisticated CNC machines, modern measuring equipment and highly skilled technicians to produce over ONE MILLION prototype parts each year!  Competitive quotation, fast delivery, superior quality make Mastars get widely recognition from global customers. 

These can vary in size from a few millimetres to complex components such as automotive instrument panels. A wide variety of plastic and metal billet is always in stock to suit the many needs of customers. When required we can also quickly source more exotic materials for special projects. The majority of Mastars prototypes are produced by CNC thus ensuring accuracy equal to, or better than, injection moulding and allows customers to have their prototypes manufactured in production intent materials. We can also offer SLA, SLS. SLW (selective laser welding of metals) and vacuum casting.

Before commencing manufacture of any components, our dedicated Account Managers and Project Engineers will discuss with customers the required performance of the prototype parts in order to ensure that only the most suitable materials, materials, method of producing, finishing and shipping are employed.

Tell us about your project timeline or budget, let's find the most effective way to reach your target.


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