Metal 3D printing for better flexibility

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According to industry analysts, the thin layer of metal powder is melted and solidified into metal parts by laser energy, which can effectively improve the design freedom of industrial parts, molds and other products, and produce crystal structures with complex shapes. It is often difficult to achieve good results with traditional metal casting processes, and metal 3D printing has significant advantages in product design and molding.

On the whole, metal 3D printing not only gives designers greater freedom, but also allows them to freely use their creativity, saves a lot of cost for product manufacturing, reduces product weight, and enhances product stability. In the case of metal 3D printing in the aerospace industry, the weight of the aircraft is reduced by installing metal 3D printed belt buckles with honeycomb cutouts, and the fuel cost of the aircraft is further reduced.

In fact, in addition to the advantages of shortening the product development cycle and improving material utilization, the advantages of metal 3D printing in improving the casting flexibility of the product are particularly worthy of attention. With the help of metal 3D printing technology, industrial products with complex structure and high precision requirements can better meet the actual needs in the casting process, and the unnecessary process flow is simplified, which is efficient and reasonable.


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