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Mastars is a professional supplier in the industrial manufacturing field for over 20 years since foundation in 1998. Automotive Part / Medical Device / Household Appliance / LED Item / Aerospace and Industrial Equipment are the five major application fields for our services. Now our annual sales revenue reached USD46 Million and we own 4 companies in China / UK / Hongkong as well as 250 global employees. Some giant customers are our long term cooperative business partners such as Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Philips, IAC etc. 

Mastars industrial manufacturing

Mastars is not big but very strong in Technology / Services / Quality. We not only help you to customize the mould and manufacture final product but also can provide you the full set of technological resolutions and one-stop OEM production services. 

CNC machining

Mastars Production Technologies Offered: 

(1) Injection Mould Tooling (Up to 10000Kgs in weight) / Injection Moulding on a range of 60 machines from 60T to 650T stamping. 

(2) Pressure Die Casting Tooling and Casting on machines (Up to 800T Clamping).

(3) Plastic Extrusion / Metal Extrusion

(4) Metal Injection Moulding

(5) CNC Machining.

(6) Painting.

(7) Press Tooling & Parts.

(8) Chrome Plating / Vacuum Metalizing.

(9) 3D Printing.

Mastars Prototyping Technologies Offered: 

(1) SLA / SLS

(2) Vacuum Casting

(3) CNC Machining on a wide range of polymers and metals. 

(4) Laser Cutting. 


More Than Prototyping

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