Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) 3D Printing Technology Knowledge - Deposited Wire

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In today's industry, powder LMD is more common than wire deposition because it is easier to achieve with a single high power laser source. However, processed powders have a number of disadvantages:

Powder is much more expensive than wire, which is problematic because LMD is commonly used to make medium to large parts that use large amounts of material.

Furthermore, not all of the powder sprayed through the nozzles is actually captured in the molten pool. For free-form manufacturing, the actual powder utilization efficiency is in the range of 20-80% and depends to a large extent on the partial fineness and process parameters. This is a problem from the point of view of material costs, and it is also true from an engineering perspective. Reinstalling the powder deposition head onto any machining that is not specifically designed for it will result in significant wear. In addition, the user also needs to dispose of unused powder, and the powder material may pose a health risk. In the comparison, the wire utilization rate is 100%, and the wire material does not pose any danger.


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