Laser metal deposition (LMD) 3D printing technology knowledge

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Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) is a welding process that introduces materials into a weld pool created by high-power lasers. LMD is part of the Directional Energy Deposition (DED) process. The filler material typically introduced is a powder that is injected through a conical ring nozzle surrounding the laser beam. The added material forms a weld and then the underlying metal is applied. This process is used in cladding applications where the wear resistance of the component is increased, in the repair application where materials are added to the wear component, or in free form manufacturing of complex geometries (3D printing). Compared to other types of welding, LMD results in a smaller heat affected zone, low dilution and low residual stress in the assembly.

Additec's Wire LMD-WP (Wire Powder) process works in the same way, but instead of letting a laser beam pass through the center of the deposition head, we use multiple fiber-coupled diode laser sources that are evenly distributed around the center axis of the head. . This releases the central path of the solid fill material and allows one-way processing of the normal MIG wire. Around the wire hole, our deposition head also has a tapered powder nozzle. Thus, there is no loss of function compared to conventional laser cladding heads. In addition, it is also possible to simultaneously deposit the wire and the powder to form a new alloy of the two components.


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