Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) 3D Printing Technology Application

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Laser metal deposition is suitable for a variety of applications:

Near net shape manufacturing

Use this process to accumulate complex parts from scratch. Also known as metal 3D printing or free form manufacturing. This way of producing parts provides a high level of design freedom and eliminates complex CNC programming or time-consuming casting. In addition, even multiple Additec material feeders can be used to mix different materials/alloys within a single component.

Laser cladding

Existing components coated with a protective layer. Due to the low dilution of the base metal, our process is well suited to it, allowing thinner coatings to effectively protect the base metal. The coating process is commonly used in the oil and gas industry, but is increasingly being adopted by other industries.

Functional increase / hybrid manufacturing

When integrated into a milling machine or manufacturing process chain, our deposition process can be used to add features to components that would otherwise require unfavorable large inventory or difficult to cast as a single piece.

Component repair

Complete replacement of high value components can be costly and inefficient. Laser metal deposition introduces a method of reliably reconstructing the wear area of a component with minimal distortion.


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