What are the characteristics of CNC turning machining?

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CNC turning machining is one of the most widely used CNC processes. CNC lathes are mainly used for machining rotary parts such as shafts and discs. Through the operation of the CNC machining program, the cutting process of the inner and outer cylindrical surface, the conical surface, the forming surface, the thread and the end surface can be automatically completed, and the work of the groove, the drilling, the reaming, the reaming, and the like can be performed. The CNC turning center can complete more machining operations in one setup, improve machining accuracy and production efficiency, and is especially suitable for machining complex-shaped rotary parts. Some ordinary machine tools can not or inconveniently process parts, the processing quality is stable, and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

CNC turning machining

Due to the radial dimensions of these parts, both the measurement size and the paper size are expressed in terms of diameter values, so CNC lathes are programmed in diameter, ie when programming with absolute values, X is the diameter value; programming with relative values At the time, the value of the actual displacement of the tool radial is twice the programmed value. For different CNC lathes and different CNC systems, the programming is basically the same. For individual differences, refer to the user manual or programming manual of the specific machine.

The CNC turning machining is the sum of the methods and technical means used to machine parts on CNC lathes. Its main contents include the following aspects:

(1) selecting and determining the CNC turning machining content of the parts;

(2) Performing CNC turning machining process analysis on the parts drawings;

(3) Selection and adjustment of tools and fixtures;

(4) Design of processes and work steps;

(5) Calculation and optimization of processing trajectories;

(6) The preparation, verification and modification of the CNC turning machining program;

(7) Handling of the first piece of trial processing and on-site issues;

(8) Preparing technical documents for CNC processing; 


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