• Methods of 3D Metal Printing technology
    Methods of 3D Metal Printing technology

    3D Metal Printing technology has been well known in recent years, but 3D Metal Printing technology has been developed for many years, then what is 3D Metal Printing technology? What is SLM, EBM, LMD, MAP?

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  • What Is fast Prototyping?
    What Is fast Prototyping?

    ‍What Is fast Prototyping?In the simplest of terms, fast prototyping is that the speedy creation of models that ar visually and/or functionally evaluated throughout the merchandise development method. fast prototyping is also continual varied times as a style is formed.Although the terms “3D printin

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  • Injection Mold Specification
    Injection Mold Specification

    1, Injection mold appearance and dimension1, The text in mark plate should be completed, clearly, tidily.2, Mark plate should fix in a location which near by the stand off and datum area, request to be fixable, not easy to take off.3, Unless customer specification, cooling connectors should use plas

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