Al extrusion process basic introduction

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For those unaccustomed the al extrusion method, the instance below could be a fun thanks to show however the method works. The extrusion method is analogous to the current PlayDoh® press therein the malleable dough is forced through the press and flows through the gap fitted with a specific die form.

al extrusion factory

For a hollow die form, note however the PlayDoh will flow through the gap between the a part of the die that forms the skin diameter and therefore the within "mandrel" supported by 2 horizontal supports. The PlayDoh SEPARATES into 2 tube halves and "welds" back along thanks to the pressure required to create it flow through the doughnut-shaped gap into a tube form.

Of course, the particular al extrusion method is a lot of difficult than this. However, with the help of a robust mechanical press manufacturing a fantastic style of helpful product with virtually any form thinkable is feasible with al extrusion.

Once the required form for the finished profile has been developed and therefore the applicable aluminum alloy hand-picked, associate extrusion die, and associated tooling, is created. within the actual extrusion method, the aluminum billet (a forged "log" of extrusion feedstock) and extrusion tools square measure preheated. throughout extrusion, the billet remains solid, however has been softened during a chamber. Note: The freezing point of one3|metallic element|metal} is roughly 1,220° Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (660° Centigrade). Extrusion operations usually manifest itself with billet heated to temperatures in way over 700°F (375°C), and - relying upon the alloy being extruded - as high as 930°F (500°C).

AL extrusion

The actual extrusion method begins once the press ram starts applying pressure to the billet among a instrumentation. Hydraulic presses will exert from a hundred tons to fifteen,000 plenty of pressure; the pressure capability of a particular press determines however giant associate extrusion it will turn out.

As pressure is applied, the billet is initial crushed against the die, turning into shorter and wider till its growth is restricted by the instrumentation walls. Then, because the pressure will increase, the soft (but still solid) metal has no place else to travel and begins to squeeze out through the formed die to emerge on the opposite facet as a completely shaped profile.

The shaped profile is bring to a halt at the die and therefore the remainder of the metal is removed to be recycled. once it leaves the die, the still-hot extrusion is also quenched, automatically treated, and aged to impart desired science properties and physical performance.

After comfortable aging, whether or not in associate aging kitchen appliance or at temperature, the profiles square measure affected to alternative areas of the plant and will be finished (painted or anodized), invented (cut, machined, bent, welded, assembled), or packed for cargo.


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