Surface treatment

  • What is electroplated nickel
    What is electroplated nickel

    Electroplating nickel is a technique for electroplating a thin layer of metal objects on nickel. The nickel layer can be decorative, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, or used for part of the rescue or accumulation of wear and tear. Nickel plating is the deposition of nickel on a metal part

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  • Metal stamping technology
    Metal stamping technology

    Refers to the transfer of hot stamping foil to the surface of the printing material by means of a special metal hot stamping plate by heating and pressing. For metal substrate hot stamping, it is necessary to pass a proprietary metal hot stamping film, or to apply a hot stamping film after spraying

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  • Machining with CNC machining tools
    Machining with CNC machining tools

    CNC machining (CNC Machining) refers to machining with CNC machining tools. The CNC machine tool is programmed by the CNC machining language to control the feed rate and spindle speed of the machining tool, as well as the tool changer, coolant, etc., to physically process the surface of the substrat

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  • Metal etching
    Metal etching

    After exposure plate making and development, the protective film on the region to be etched is removed, and the chemical solution is contacted during metal etching to dissolve and corrode, thereby forming the effect of unevenness or hollowing. In general consumer products, the pattern on the aluminu

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  • Based on CNC technology, laser is the processing medium
    Based on CNC technology, laser is the processing medium

    Based on CNC technology, laser is the processing medium. The physical degeneration of the molten metal and the vaporization of the metal material under laser irradiation, thereby achieving the purpose of processing. The laser engraving machine uses laser engraving technology to easily “print” vector

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  • Hot stamping technology
    Hot stamping technology

    The essence of hot stamping is transfer, which is the process of transferring the pattern on the hot stamping paper to the substrate by the action of heat and pressure. The pressure of the mold creates a depression, and the printed words or patterns are not easily blurred, so that the pattern, logo,

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