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Mastars 3D Printing Service

We can solve specific design or production challenges. If you want to explore how 3D printing can solve a specific design or production challenge our consultancy team is highly qualified to help. As engineers with over 20 years’ combined experience, we understand both the traditional manufacturing and additive manufacturing processes. We will advise you on how 3D printing can enhance the possibilities, quality and capabilities of your components, or make production more flexible and affordable.

The Benefits Using Mastars

  • Cuts costs and manufacturing lead times by removing the need for tooling
  • Supports agile manufacturing – parts can be made to order and modified if required
  • Reduces inventory – rapid production reduces the need for stock to be held
  • Reduces material and weight for previously solid parts by using lattice structures
  • Allows you to build more complex shapes so that parts comprise fewer components

3D Printing Applications

SLS Applications

SLA Applications

  • Complex plastic prototypes and end-use part
  • Complex tooling, parts and prototypes
  • Complex investment casting patterns
  • Flexible, functional parts with rubber-like performance chracteristics
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing Master Patterns
  • Automotive &Electronics
  • Orthodontics and Dental
  • Turbine Production

Mastars Products Wall

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