Why 3D printing technology has not been universally applied

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With the development of technology, 3D printing technology has become the biggest topic of discussion. Some people may say that 3D printing technology is still not mature. Others say that 3D printing products have been used in our lives. For a time, people's views on 3D printing technology are becoming more and more diverse. 3D printing technology is the future direction of development. If we can take the short-term public, our life will undergo qualitative changes, but why is 3D printing technology not widely used?

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3D printing technology has not yet entered our ordinary people, and there are indeed many reasons. 3D printing technology has a large investment in the early stage, and it needs sufficient capital to purchase a large number of 3D printing equipment, and it is confident that it will not fail. And 3D printed materials are expensive, basically using powdered metal or other plastic materials with strong plasticity, which is much more expensive than ordinary materials. New materials are still being updated, and more capital is needed in the future to have a chance to fight for the day.

With the current precision of 3D printing technology, it is still not suitable for manufacturing high-end products, and only some products that are not demanding on the process can be manufactured. For example, printing a house, a water cup, etc., after all, some high-precision products can not be printed by the printer, which leads to a downturn in 3D printing. Although there are hundreds of materials that can be used for printing today, high temperature plastics and some common metals are still not printed. For the problem of metal heat treatment, it has not been effectively solved, and it is easy to cause the problem of denaturation after printing. Aerospace and automotive industries also need new composite materials to be used as printing materials.

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Due to the limitations of 3D printing technology, it cannot be widely used. Because of the infinite possibilities that 3D printing brings to mechanical design, many industrial products should be redesigned and optimized, but this involves a major revolution in the field of upstream design. Under the current printing technology, the surface of the finished print, the plastic parts can only be said to be acceptable, but can not be said to be smooth. The metal parts are completely pitted and may not be as smooth as the castings, so the necessary grinding and cleaning, the cost of later grinding and labor costs more. 3D printing technology has relatively high requirements for talents. At present, there are few related professionals in China. Enterprises need to cultivate a large number of technical talents. There are no professional talents yet. This is a starting point. Many technologies still need to start at a different level and break through the difficulties one by one.

As the technology is still not mature enough, it has not yet reached mass production. Many products are still in the experimental stage. There is no complete system for quality supervision. There is no relevant educational institution in the country to train talents in this field. The university does not have a 3D printing laboratory, and students have no use. platform. The National Quality Bureau has not yet established a relatively complete system for 3D printing products, and does not know how to distinguish and distinguish the quality of products. Many of the 3D printing technologies are investors' hype, taking the opportunity to speculate and seek capital. 3D printing technology is a technology that requires long-term research. It is not a follow-up. 3D printing technology belongs to the future development direction. If the technology is not mature, we need to wait patiently for the maturity of this technology and achieve mass production.

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