3D printing

  • 3D models must be watertight
    3D models must be watertight

    Watertight means that the 3D model must be a complete boundary. If the model is flawed and the printer cannot identify the boundary, it cannot be printed (if the model has fewer holes, the 3D printing network can be repaired for you by hand). You can also use some software to check if your model has

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  • Combined with 3D printing
    Combined with 3D printing

    At present, the shortcomings and advantages of 3D printing technology and traditional processing technology make them compatible with the development direction of current 3D printing technology. For example, when developing new products, companies can use 3D printing technology to make samples and t

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  • Advantages of 3D printing
    Advantages of 3D printing

    1. Mold design improves end products to provide more flexibility. 3D printing can add new features, improve products, and increase product diversity without increasing costs in the continuous testing of product models.2. Reduced manufacturing costs. 3D printing has a cost advantage when the material

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  • 3D printing application
    3D printing application

    The mold industry in the manufacturing industry is an industry that basically spans the entire industrial chain of manufacturing, and it is closely related to all branches of the manufacturing industry. In a smarter and connected era, manufacturing and molds are highly dependent, and countless produ

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  • The status quo of the mold industry
    The status quo of the mold industry

    According to the different materials, the mold can be divided into metal molds and non-metal molds. Among them, metal molds mainly include casting molds and stamping molds, and non-metal molds are mainly plastic molds. Plastic molds and stamping dies are the main types of molds. Plastic molds are ma

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  • Plastic metal mold 3D printing
    Plastic metal mold 3D printing

    Plastic molds are characterized by complex structures, complete sets of molds, and a set of molds containing more parts. Especially in the plastic mold structure optimized for improving production efficiency, the design with the conformal cooling function is widely used. Conventional material reduct

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